Hey girls

It’s been so long since i’ve been on but i feel like i had to send you all a message to apologize. 

As much as i really want to carry on being an anon for you, i feel like i’m not being the person that i promised to be when i made this account. I feel like i’ve let you all down because i’m never on, and i know that some of you girls are going to try and tell me not to delete but it’s honestly for the best. All i do i let you down. If you need any help, go over to my best friend Lauren’s page (weownthenight-x.tumblr.com) or to Mileys page (smileymileyanon.tumblr.com) and i’ll keep in contact with both of them so that if any of you really really need me i’ll be there for you in some way.

I’m so so sorry girls. I’m going to leave this up until tomorrow so that everyone gets a chance to see this before i delete. I love you all, i’m sorry that i let you down.

heckyeahdiva-villegas-deactivat: haha its ok :)
now im feeling like i dont have a brain xD
ehhh yes I have :) its miss_denisa@live.de :)) I'll aaaaadd you
can i ask you.. why .co.uk ? :) ♥

i just added you baby i’ll talk to you there x

gotta get off now girls, i’m gonna try and get on tomorrow :) love you all

themelanieiglesiasanon-deactiva: yeah she wasnt really mad at me just like frazzled with my date. idk shes overdramatic haha
*blushes* thanks i love purple so i mean i had to wear it! :) glad you liked it!

ahh well that’s good :) 

purple looks hot on you ;)

listen i have to go but i’ll talk to you later okay? i love you :) xx

Anonymous: i'm so happy you're back from you're little break thing:) love you<3;)

i’m glad i’m back too but i have to go :( i’ll try and be on tomorrow, i love you xxx

blissfulbunny: i have everything but aim,lolol sorry hun. (x

awww that sucks ! :( that’s the only thing i have :( 

i have to go now baby, i love you xxx

downwiththeonedirectioninfection: :( how bout we do it next time ur on?

of course sweetie (: 

mekababy89: Ok so about a month and a half ago I was at my lowest point ever. the point of where I didn't want to be alive anymore so you want to know what I did? I picked up the scissors and put one of the blades to my wrist thinking maybe if I try it just once I will see what is so addicting about it just as i was about to do it I snapped back into reality and threw the scissors across the room...I almost cut for the first time in my life...I cried hysterically after that...

oh baby,

well first let me tell you how proud i am that you didnt hurt yourself, that you thought about it and realised that it wasnt a good idea

it’s a testament to how strong you are as a person and i’m so so proud of you <3


baby no matter what is going on in your life, there is never cause for you to finish it. you just have to remember that if you’re at your lowest point, there is nowhere to go but up okay? things will get better and you should be alive to see it

downwiththeonedirectioninfection: hmm, wanna watch a movie? -smiles- i think you have me on aim. im not rlly sure. i havnt been on aim in a long time

awww okay :( just i have to get off here right now :(

heckyeahdiva-villegas-deactivat: aww :( haha thats the frist time im talking to you & now you are going offline thats meaniebeanie ;D haha i really dont know what AIM is xD sowwie, may if you tell me what that does mean? :)

i’m sorry sweetie but i have a few things to figure out :(

i’ll be on soon i think

AIM is AOL Instant Messenger (: